Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I was so tempted to begin with the phrase "Just read that ..." but realized that I had over used it as a beginning prior to its last few uses itself. So giving the hackneyed a break let me get straight to the point. They are making a sequel to the Italian Job. I thoroughly enjoyed the remake of the Michael Caine oldie (remember the "monstrous" Charlize Theron). That makes it the second "ongoing high profile sequel to a remake where the original did not have a sequel" (did I have to create a category like that?) - the other one being Ocean's Twelve which again I am eagerly waiting for - this one adds Zeta Jones to the already sumptuous ensemble.

On a personal note I finally upgraded my new laptop (I think I had mentioned this one) with an additional 256MB RAM and re-installed a whole bunch of stuff from scratch. I am also eagerly waiting for an early screening of Harold and Kumar ... since the initial reviews tout this movie to be a blast. Shall keep this space updated on that.

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