Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Some recommendations ...

Here are some new things that have caught my attention:

1. Web site - HowStuffWorks. Its a cool collection of know-hows and very informative. I am also very impressed by Yahoo Finances Money Manager, though it is slightly (read a day or two) delayed in its refreshing abilities.
2. Song - Mase's "Welcome back". Mase is back after a 5 year hiatus and the song has a certain innocence to it, without being preachy. I am also listening to the "U n' I" number from Hum Tum. It's a nice combination of hip hop and Hindi filmy music, kind of similar to Rishi Rich's previous foray into Hindi music - "I Just Wanna be With You" from Boom, but still listenable.
3. TV watch - I personally despise Reality Television for the sole reason that it depicts anything but reality but have been diligently following NBC's Last Comic Standing for the simple reason that you get to watch a good ensemble of stand up comedians. My personal favorite is the guy Gary Gulman (who avoided elimination this week) and Jay London (who has a very unique style). I would also recommend, to the ones with Digital Cable, BBC's Coupling for the extremely experimental story flow they occasionally adopt - very inventive.

More views to follow - you just try to swallow ...

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