Friday, July 02, 2004

Tech Bits and a movie review
Saw Spiderman II yesterday. I have to mention that I did not like the first installment and found it a little too saccharine coated for moi taste. However, I try to remain unbiased when watching movies and quite enjoyed the second one. The critics had all said and I shall say it once again that the movie does spend a lot of time in character building and that was neat. The CGI quality was really neat - specially the train sequence alone is worth the $7 I shelled out. So if you liked the first one you will anyway watch this one but in case you didn't like it and you are reading this blog (which leaves you in a select handful :)) then this one is definitely worth a watch. Also I have been raving about one small thing that Sam Raimi added to this one - the popular Spiderman song that played before the TV serial aired makes a cameo in the movie, bringing back delightfully nostalgic images to mind.

On the tech front, Sony has launched its version of small media players, Network Walkman. This one is priced below iPod and is the smallest of the lot too but sadly does not support mp3, something I think will not go very well with the listeners. Interestingly, Dell is trying to lure in users with an interesting "exchange" offer. Somehow, I am not impressed by the offer. For a user who already has an iPod (like me), the offer doesn't have enough zing to make me part with the player. Anyway, let's wait, watch and listen.

Just one more point on the issue of music players and online music. They are finally coming up with an official chart for online downloads, combining data from iTunes, Napster, mycokemusic.com etc. Both Britain and Australia are planning to launch their versions to this thing and I feel it will provide some good encouragement to the music industry.

Play on !

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