Sunday, July 11, 2004

Truly random snippets
I just wanted to jot down two things, both having nothing to do with each other:

The first one is the amazing Google sponsored advertisement having the clue {First 10 digit prime in consecutive digits of e}.com. The answer happens to be www.7427466391.com and takes you to the following site. I felt the concept was extremely novel. Kudos to the company which continues to amaze me with their entire functioning. Goooooood job!

The other thing worth mentioning is the Asian Age newspaper site, which according to me has one of the worst possible web layouts. First, they have a zillion weirdly organized links in a page; then they have a frame layout where both sides of the frame are reloaded at the drop of a hat, nullifying the whole motivation for having frames and finally the site blocks right clicking of links - why would anybody do that? Why Tony why? Why? Why? As you can see I am irked and probably rightfully so ...

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