Friday, July 16, 2004

The West-side Story
I am completely bowled over by Kanye West's latest song - Jesus Walks. I heard the song at least 10-15 times today and the number is surely going to improve tomorrow. If anyone takes my suggestion and listens to this song and likes it then should also listen to West's earlier song "Through the Wire" and if possible read a little about the making of that song - you are bound to appreciate the song more that way.

Incidentally, Subs and I did a little experiment on the three premiere search engines by giving each one the names of each other as input. We were just trying to judge the quantity of the results and here they are:

1. Key Word - Google
Google - 57.4 million, MSN - 13.5 million, Yahoo - 65.4 million
2. Key Word - Yahoo
Google - 160 million, MSN - 25.2 million, Yahoo - 125 million
3. Keys Word - MSN
Google - 58.6 million, MSN - 12.8 million, Yahoo - 62.3 million

I don't wanna analyze the data but I found it interesting that for each of the queries the search engine corresponding to the query was not the winner (???). Shall do an experiment on effectiveness of the results soon ... zzz

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