Monday, July 26, 2004

Work, movie and play
The day saw a good mix of fun and work (actually in the reverse order). Started the day with work and got some pending stuff finished and then followed it up with an hour of workout and Catwoman - yes, I saw the movie, despite the reproval from the critics, despite the near dismal box office performance, moi went and saw the movie. Well the movie was indeed ordinary but mind you it featured the ravishing Berry and the gorgeous Sharon Stone in a fight - that wasn't good enough to recover the 7 dollars I spent but then it did bring back some value.

I am increasingly becoming more lonely and not minding it much. People I could confide in are fast disappearing. I will soon be left with no friends here and that would mean I will have all the time to sit and ponder and watch movies. Is that a good thing? Don't know the answer to this one yet. I need new friends in SD - people who are like me. I am no rare breed for sure (I once joked that my biggest strength is my commonality, that I know the way several others think coz that's the way I think too) so there has to be a zillion like minded people around. Need to find out about them. Three words that describe by mental state - confused, indifferent, crazy and disturbed. I know that's four words but mind you I am disturbed.

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