Thursday, August 12, 2004

40+ and going on
Pummy recommended me a bunch of Hindi tracks. I haven't got through the whole list because I am completely smitten by the two tracks Jana Jane Wala and Kahon Na Kaho from the film Murder. The songs are really good and I am probably listening to them after everybody has heard them but I am really taken aback by the numbers. The singer, Amir Jamal, has a very different voice (kind of resembles Strings) and I have listened to the songs consecutively at least 40 times each (with everybody else around me complaining!). So in case you haven't yet heard them give them a try.

Also probably had my longest messenger chat in the past two years, lasting almost 5 hrs. I realized that the whole beauty of doing computer science is that you can work on communication and communicate at the same time. Hola! or should I say Yahoo!

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