Sunday, August 08, 2004

And the winner is ...
Subs just sent me the link to this article on popularity of programming languages. Well the top three rankers are Java, C and C++ - as I would have expected and the surprise (or maybe the term should be major) gainer is PHP.

My take though is that the mechanism used for calculating these ratings is not the best (it relies on Google and Yahoo search engines). To judge the strength of programming languages it is imperative that actual programmers be queried. Nevertheless, I feel that the results are truly representative of the current programming scenario, though I am curious to know the reason for the sudden drop in the popularity of Java this year (I would call this an anomaly). Also I think the ratings for languages with ratings below A do not necessarily make much sense as their %s are small and a small deviation could have brought about a significant change in popularity. Personally, I was surprised to find Prolog and Ada in the top 20. A good read!

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