Monday, August 30, 2004

... and then Bill was gone
I saw Bill getting Killed the third time, making it the only English film that I have seen in the theatres three times (as if that's a distinction). Caught an amazing sequence on one of the Hindi music channels. The clip showed the colorful Govinda wooing the leading lady Urmila with his "ball skills". He dribbles a football down a slopey field (why were they playing soccer on a hill is a question that still baffles me) and then makes a lengthy shot at the goal and Urmila runs forward and uses her buttock to redirect the ball to the goal. I am sure that there are more amusing sequences but this one is my current toast.

While on the issue of Hindi music channels, I saw this marriage song from some old movie starring the "dada of all dadas" Mithun-da and the now motherly Rati Agnihotri with a peppered hair Danny and Tanuja dancing. The song had a very catchy tune and I tried a good half day to trace its source - but all in vain. Considering I din't catch the name of the movie and that the words were beyond by knowledge of Hindi, I am left with nothing but the star cast and even though I tracked down a filmography of Rati Agihotri, she has done a zillion movies with Mithun and I sill haven't researched all of them. So if any generous and knowledgeable soul reading this entry knows anything that may sprinkle knowledge to my current ignorance, please inform me.

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