Sunday, August 29, 2004

Changing glimpses
Lots seem to have changed in Kolkata since I left it for California and though I made a few trips back home, these changes still amuse me. Here are some of the things which were very different in "our times" (saying which I officially proclaim my generation's archaic status):

1. Love is in the air: There seems to be love everywhere. When I was growing up the only spot lover's could be seen in were movie theatres and the few solitary fast food shops (Wimpy's, Scoop etc.) but now you just have to walk out of the house to hear the love-birds chirp. There are people who can pass on as my kids who are masters of the dating game. Amazement and amusement!

2. Multi-plexes: Now this is a nation-wide change. I have been told that all the major metros now sport these complexes which have definitely enhanced the movie watching experience. For a film buff like me this is an absolutely welcome change and to be very honest I think the few that I have visited are comparable to their US counterparts. Another point worth mentioning is that multiplexes are finally putting an end to the age old "ticket blacking" phenomenon - Phew!

3. Fashion: Kolkattans seem to be so much more in the fashion game. I literally saw this girl who made every possible fashion statement I could think of - she had beads on her hair, a removable tattoo, short skirts, multi colored nails - Whoa! She literally embodied a palette of fashion and the picture din't look that pretty :(

4. Flyovers: We are fast going the Singapore way where we will have two parallel heights in the city, with flyovers looking down on us everywhere we go. I am sure that they will help in perforating the somewhat impervious traffic but as of now they often add to the woes.

I just read through this entry and realized that I sound quite like the guy who starts thinking of his home as an alien land in no time - nope! I still love Kolkata - love it with all its changes, loved it without them!

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