Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dot to dot
Suddenly remembered the dot-to-dot drawing books I loved as a kid. You know the ones where you connect dots and hola! you have Little Bo Peep sitting pretty. Isn't it funny how simple things give you excitement that is unfathomable when you grow up :( The dot-to-dot also made me remember a game a friend of mine and I used to play, connecting stray words like:

Dot - full stop - stop - start - race - rat - brat - boy - girl - man - male - hotmail - dot.com - dot!

Reminds me of a certain thing Bubin mentioned some time back with his own sweet explanation. According to him we remember nursery rhymes and songs from our childhood and can recite them at the drop of a hat because no one forced us to learn these things (come to think of it my mom actually forced me to learn a few of them) -it's this absence of compulsion which makes you truly enjoy things. Is it? I remember reading in Feynman's book that he performed best when he worked for fun. Its been a while since I did things just for the fun of it. Hmmm!

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