Saturday, August 14, 2004

Friday Night Blues II
Part of my Friday night movie watching blah blah blah - yada yada yada - saw Hyderabad Blues II. The sequel to Nagesh Kukunoor's sleeper hit H Blues. The critics didn't seem to like the movie but I personally enjoyed it. It wasn't great (I think the original itself wasn't great but novel) but definitely watchable. Some of the lines were quite witty and the movie does justice to the notion of a sequel. The acting and production values, given the relatively low budget, weren't extraordinary but some of the moments (like the wife breaking down in the end) was very well acted. Kukunoor excels more in the role of a writer than as a director or actor. Most of the characters from the first one are back and if you liked the first one you will at least not hate this one. I would say a 2.5/5 (don't take my scores too seriously coz moi no critic for sure). Good night!

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