Friday, August 20, 2004

Games people play
Stayed up pretty late last night watching the repeat telecast of the Olympics. I realized that there are events where I have a very minimal knowledge i.e. without the judges, I can't figure out much. e.g. Gymnastics and diving. All I understand in gymnastics is that one shouldn't stumble and shouldn't move on landing. With diving, my knowledge begins and stars with the notion that its a bad thing tosplash too much water. These are terrible ways of understanding these events :) but I am aware of others who use similar yardsticks; the argument being, stupidity if repeated by many, becomes a convention :) and it feels better being termed conventional as opposed to stupid.

While on gymnastics, I was totally taken aback by Svetlana Khorkina's feel for the game. In an interview she mentioned that she wanted to win the gold as much as she wanted to mother a child. Wow! However, she placed second and looked quite dejected.

I am personally enjoying the swimming events the most. It seems to have quite a bevy of stars, and well, its easy to understand. I have to confess though that they have started putting question marks on my understanding with all the rules about turning over (reference to the drama of Aaron Peirsol's medal) but still it's refreshing to watch. That makes me feel like washing up before breakfast!

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