Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Its all a game
My apartment mate just won a Sony PlayStation 2. So the ambiance is almost festive in the house. Sadly, I have never been a part of the gaming frenzy. Largely because of inability to master any of them. My gaming resume boasts of Minesweeper, Solitaire and the customary Prince of Persia. Ooops! Almost forgot Pacman! That's it! The moment I saw good ol' Dhaji spend a day trying to master Age Of Empire, I knew my limited skills are indeed limited. Neither do I have the ability nor the patience to play these games. So when Sid spends long nights trying to be a Jedi in Star Wars, I sit and watch Conan crack some joke on Late Night! Ahem.

TOI has crossed all levels of crass-dom. I am quoting 5 articles from the TOI front page:

"A spray to boost the female libido", "Porn as measure of freedom", "Pamela doesn't want Lee to steal her thunder", "Liz launches invisible lingerie", "Paris Hilton bares it all".

What? That's it - this is going to be my last article criticizing what used to be a premier "news" paper. I am not objecting to these articles. The colorful TOI supplement used to be quite a thrill for us in my undergrad days, but I refuse to accept that these articles deserve a spot in the front page of the site.

But then who cares and more importantly, why care ?

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