Friday, August 06, 2004

It's time to atone
I got some good feedback on the disappointing numbers I commented on last night. Both the feedbacks pointed out one common factor - the phenomenon of the blog becoming more news and less views. Contemplating on the issue made me realize that if people have to read news they probably have better sources and having realized the truth of the matter (at this point I make this issue sound really grave) I shall work hard (as hard as I can in the ten minutes I spend on writing this blog every day) to amend the situation :)

An interesting discussion with a friend on the issue of blogs come to mind. We were discussing the issue of why people read blogs that have no general information but are more like a single individual's web diary. I personally read one such blog and my stance was that it is almost a harmless form of near-voyeuristic feeling. I guess you follow the life of a person without being intrusive and at some level you compare it with yours; that might be a whole load of BS-like philosophy but that was my stance. However, I personally often enquire about the happenings of friends of mine, who I have lost touch with, via others (without being keen enough to contact them directly). Blogs provide an unintrusive simple solution to this problem. While on this issue I still haven't figured out an answer to why people would chronicle their personal daily incidents out in the web for all and sundry, except for the sheer joy of being read! Blah! Enough on blogs and their meaningful existence.

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