Tuesday, August 10, 2004

More on the engineers
... and now I have touched on my favorite issue - that of Indian engineers. I can sit and rant about them for ages (and have done so in the past). My somewhat lackadaisical attitude towards my fraternity has often led to people engaging in lengthy discussions with me. However, being part of them I am justified in being critical or at least, if I may dare say, qualified enough to do so.

The one thing that has started worrying me abt engineering jobs is the multitude in which we appear. We are everywhere. What does that do to individuality? I have seen talented folks and abecedarians do the same thing. I term this as intellectual socialism - the smart become dumber and the dumb get elevated - the end results is a hodgepodge - you have no idea where the path being treaded is heading towards. Its convoluted to say the least but often not in the exciting "puzzly" fashion.

Lest I sound like a detractor of the profession let me clarify that engineering does provide a very good average pay. It still has a fair amount of challenge and often you might get to see your work in the form of reality - but the question to wonder/ponder is - is that all you dream of? Or is there a desire to truly make a difference? The difference which only you could make. Time to take a break from early morning blues ... shall return in a more lively mood hopefully for later posts :)

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