Monday, August 02, 2004

Movies of the season
Well! I have oft repeated that this has been a fairly disappointing summer in terms of blockbusters. Most movies have failed to deliver what I expected from them. So I thought of compiling a list of movies I liked and what I would term as my summer picks (the summer is still not over with Collateral and the Princess Diaries sequel readying for release).

1. Kill Bill 2 (this one actually released a little before summer): Simply awesome. Tarantino is a genius. Nothing more has to be said. Simply whoa! material.

2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: My fav summer movie. The director added a lot of his personal touch to the movie and really captured a unique mood. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

3. Shrek 2: Probably the biggest summer earner (unless Spidey spins some crazy web). Very intelligent. Had some really witty moments - moments where you feel that you are the only one who got the joke. Moreover, I admired the fact that the movie's humor appealed to both children and the grown ups.

4. Dodgeball: I was wondering whether to put this one above Spidey 2 or not. The fact is that I think I enjoyed Spidey more when I saw it but given a chance to watch one of these movies again, given my slightly gloomy disposition, I think I might settle for this one first.

5. Spider Man 2: One of the rare cases where the sequel totally out does the predecessor. I did not enjoy the first one but the second one managed to entertain me totally. Cool action, nice characters, wry humor - everything I look forward in a summer blockbuster. I am sure you have already watched it but in case you haven't - you should.

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