Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The New Whacko Jacko
Subs insisted (I have to vehemently defend my stance here) that I watch 5 minutes of Outback Jack, one of the zillion reality shows where a bevy of beauties vie for some cool dude's attention - the guy in question being Outback Jack, who from my limited viewership was a confirmed "luvah". So Subs and I switched channels to watch this hilarious rip roaring comedy (unintentional yet funny) in between the finals of Last Comic Standing. In the words of Subs - the show brings down the IQ of a person by 2 points for every second of viewing. I saw the show for around 3 minutes (by Subs logic I am as smart as a calculator right now) and there were two women who were pretending to be really concerned about Jack's choice - I dunno what happened but seeing the dude (he doesn't even have a shirt) I feel bad for the girl who would get Jack in a box.

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