Thursday, August 19, 2004

No Nonsense
Well, once again Larry has given me something to think about. On knowing that I was majorly into anagram solving these days, Larry had suggested "cryptograms" to me. Cryptograms are words where every alphabet in the word is replaced by another one (a direct one-to-one mapping). So "blog" can be a cryptogram for "felt" (b=f, l=e, o=l, g=t). By this logic any four letter word with unique letters will qualify as a solution to the problem.

Anyway, Larry had given me the cryptogram BEBOPBOP. I have to confess that my skills with this were far inferior to my anagram solving abilities (and I am not saying that's great either:)) So, on my surrender, Larry gave me the answer - NONSENSE, which now explains the title of this entry :)

Well, now coming to the beauty of the answer: BEBOPBOP makes us pronounce it as Bee-Bop-Bop. So we try to find a word that has a repeated sound twice in succession at its end and that's where we fail. In all my years of using the word nonsense, and in participating in several activities that classify as nonsense, I never realized that the word has NSE NSE repeated twice. I asked four other people this evening and none of them had noticed it either. This sure is no no nse nse. Hola!!

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It seems that nonsense is the ONLY
solution in English, which thus qualifies
as a highly sensible language. One
wonders which if any other languages are
hs: mambembe is a portuguese word
which qualifies as a solution, are there
solutions in french, german, polish,
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