Monday, August 09, 2004

One in a crowd?
I have been complaining to people about the abundance of engineers in today's society. There are literally a zillion of us and I feel the numbers are increasing every day. My father was/is highly respected by his friends because he was an engineer (they had to work hard and be engineers to prove their adept mental aptitude). As a matter of fact I have been told that one of the attributes of my then hippie-looking dad that appealed to my mom's romantic frenzies was his qualification. But those days are gone - now you have to be fairly dumb to not be an engineer if your parents have the resources, and those resources are not very demanding either. There are like a million seats in the engineering colleges in India (add to these the NIITs and Aptechs) and you have an engineer in every door.

What prompted me to write this entry is a mail sent by good ol' Ronny Dam. Mr. Dam, a journalist with a rich source of oft amusing information, appalled me with the fact that the MSN matrimonial site alone boasts of 1.3 million engineers in its database!!!! Do you see what I see? First of all there are more than 1.3 million engineers in that one database alone and secondly none of these people have managed to find a partner for themselves. They have not been able to sell themselves using their qualifications. And how can they? All the girls who were willing to be wooed by engineers have already found them and they didn't even have to search around. They were probably sitting in the house below theirs, or maybe they were inside the cab the girl took on her way to work (yeah! we can drive cabs too) or maybe they were, they were, they were ... Somewhere, it doesn't even matter coz they are everywhere. This is scaryyyyy! Who let these engineers out - who who who?

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