Sunday, August 01, 2004

One, two ... computers are what you do
CNN had this article that talks about computers and toddlers. I was appalled/amused to find that there are sites and software aimed at people between 2-3. I barely knew the alphabets when I was 2. Man, technology Is reaching out to people.

I caught a bit of the India vs. Sri Lanka Asia Cup final before dozing off. We lost and till the point I saw the match, the outcome appeared to be the same too. Hmmm! I seriously feel that we should start playing both Kumble and Bhajji and ensure that Zaheer is fully fit and Nehra knows how to bowl straight. But all this is coming from a guy who spent less time in the batting or bowling crease compared to the time he spent in critiquing the game - so I am one of those idiots whose opinion should not matter. So you can shun it at your own free will.

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