Monday, August 09, 2004

Pop goes the weasel
Even though I have been a strong proponent of Google, the toolbar of the search giant is loosing its fizzle. I guess this had to be the case. Every time a service extends its reach to be significantly larger than its competitors, people tend to show more interest in finding a work-around to the idea (take IE for example; my take is that had IE not been so popular, people would not have found so many bugs with it). So the moment I realized that Google toolbar was becoming the standard solution to pop-up blocking, I knew that the ingenious pop-up providers will find a way around the clutches of Google. So now several sites I visit come up with incessant pop-ups that Google fail to prevent (TOI is the best example of this). Interestingly, the in-built pop-up blocker of Firefox and even Avant do a much better job on this issue. Moreover, SP2 is supposed to add pop-up blocking to IE. I just feel that Google toolbar is loosing one of its strengths, even though it has enough remaining to be a great install.

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