Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Random notes
Well, my speculations were right it seems. Bubin just informed me that the Indian media has pretty much touched upon every aspect associated with Rajyavardhan Rathore, interviewing him, his parents, his colleagues, his neighbors etc. etc. Bubin even jested that now the channels have to really do something out of the hat to bring a new interview (I shall no even get into Bubin's suggestion). On the web front Rediff seems to be winning the race with interviews of the man himself, his mom, wife and coach, and I am pretty sure that this is just the beginning.

On a personal front, I unearthed an old classic from the film Jeene Ki Raah called Ek Banjara Gaye and put it in my repeat music list. Then went on to get a fair amount of work done with PlanetLab. Have a meeting in the afternoon! Gotta get back to work. More later, alligator!

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