Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Return of the Thing(s)

Some things that were (almost) regulars some time back have resurfaced:

1. Reading printed newspaper in the morning.
2. Watching movies using VCDs as opposed to DVDs.
3. Audio cassettes.
4. Paper based movie posters.
5. Phuchka, bhel puri, chicken roll.
6. The Marwari business class - in California if you are talking business class and Indian you almost certainly mean Gujratis. Barabazaar in Kolkata paints a very different image.
7. "Indian Chinese" food and No - the highly acclaimed Indian Chinese restaurant in LA doesn't do justice to this novel concept :)

It's these little things that make Kolkata trips so special (I am not saying you don't get these in other places but I somehow experience these only in Kol) ...

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