Sunday, August 08, 2004

Solitude, depression and a movie
The day went by in a fairly depressing fashion. No reasons for the gloomy ambiance though - I just feel low. There is a sense of vagueness in the air and the mind has been flooded with questions which arise at moments of idleness. I guess this period of pathos will continue for a while till I figure out the cause and remedy. Anyway, one buddy I can count on in these times of need is the AMC 12 theatres next to my house where I go and entertain myself to a movie to forget the worries of the moment. Tonight's movie was Michael Mann's critically acclaimed Collateral.

I rally enjoyed the movie though I can see why some people (including the ones who accompanied me) might not enjoy it that much. The movie is not an action adventure but a psychological thriller and if you go to the theatres expecting that you will not be disappointed. What I really liked about the movie is that the tension is interspersed with moments of calm (including a soothing background score) and it is this juxtaposition that brings about a great sense of excitement. Performance wise Tom Cruise is delectable in a negative character and suits the role to the T. However, as the critics have raved, Jamie Fox is the surprise package. Fox delivers a really ordinary character (I liked the way they avoided the character from becoming an absolute underdog) with extraordinary panache. Overall a 3.5/5 but mind you if you are expecting an-on-the-edge-of-the-seat thriller alone, you might be slightly disappointed.

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