Monday, August 09, 2004

Some music I am listening to
People knowing me will know that I have what is oft termed as a slightly annoying habit of listening to the same song a zillion times in succession. Of late this habit has taken a modified shape where I listen to a group of songs repeatedly instead of the one song (that's what I call diversification). Some of the songs that have constituted this group for me over the past week include:

1. Jesus Walks - Kanye West - an excellent number with excellent production values
2. "Quiero - How Much I Love You" - a half Hindi/half English number by the group Viva for the movie Rakht
3. O Soniya - a peppy Punjabi number from Mujhse Shaadi Karoge - not a great number but I still have put it in my "replay list"
4. U n' I - Rishi Rich - a half English/half Punjabi number from Rishi Rich of Boom fame. The number reminds me of an old friend :) - my method of combating sentimentality is over indulgence

If you share my taste in music (which most people find cacophonous) you can try these out.

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