Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Stray reads
A bunch of things that caught my attention from my early morning news read:

1. A few weeks back I put up a list of mainstream English movies in which Indians appeared, claiming that Indian portrayals have been highly typecasted. TOI today has this article claiming that Indians have been making it big in English movies for long. I don't agree with the list - Jungle Book 2, Foreign Body and East is East are definitely not mainstream movies and I don't think anybody remembers Kabir Bedi's character in Octopussy etc. I will agree that Star Trek and LXG are mainstream movies but will stick to my opinion that Indians have failed to hit it big time in Hollywood.

2. NY Times reports of a new reality show on UPN called the "Player" where the objective is to break someone's heart before they break yours. Reality TV surprises me with every passing day coz just when I think they can't get any more ludicrous, the levels of travesty reach new dizzying peaks to prove me wrong.

3. NY Times also reports that Lycos is being bought over for appx $100 million, which is less than 1% the price at which was formerly bought. Well, well! The times have changed.

ON a non news note I watched M. Shyamalan's interview on Howard Stern last night and was quite impressed by the guy's ability to keep a calm amidst what could have been termed as slightly offensive statements. Moreover, he appeared to be quite different from the reclusive image the media associates with him. I guess I was reading the wrong "Signs"!

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