Friday, August 20, 2004

Tall, Dark and Handsome ... and now richer too
Yahoo has an article that discusses some research which shows that taller and "better looking people" make more money than their average short counterparts!!! Wow! that must have been some research - you walk into a room and some professors quickly classify you as good, bad or ugly and then add salt to your woes to tell you that you are poor too. Just for the statistics minded, every inch of height apparently earns an extra $789/year. So if you are 5 ft tall, you have all the more reasons now to look up to your 6 ft colleague. The numbers become more interesting when it comes to looks. The "better looking" group makes an extra 3-8% a year in comparison to their average counterparts. So the next time you work hard for your entrance exam, don't forget the beauty parlor down the alley!

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