Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Titan vs Titan
So Alien and Predator have taken the battle to the big screen. Superman and Batman are planning to join forces in an upcoming venture. That makes me wonder which other characters are worth putting together on screen to either join forces or battle it out for supremacy. Tons of ideas are flowing and moi shall make this the first installment:

1. Poirot and Holmes: This has to be an awesome combination. Just the visual itself is dipped in charisma. However, I don't want them to join forces. They should both try to outwit each other. For an adventure so challenging Moriarty has to be brought back too, but not as the main culprit - more of a sinister cameo.

2. Garfield and Jerry: Tom makes Jerry run around and we have all seen that at some level Jerry enjoys this excitement. I am extremely curious to know how Garfield will take to this skillful rodent and whether Jerry will enjoy the benefits of sloth.

3. Stanley Ipkiss and the Ace Ventura: Two of the wildest characters to have ever hit silver screen. The masked Ipkiss and the hold-no-bar Ventura will be the craziest combination of physical comedy that I can think of. To top it all we get twice as much of Jim Carrey and I will not complain to that.

4. Catherine Tramell and Meredith Johnson: Aha! This one's the pick of the lot! The smooth talking leg splitting Tramell from Basic Instinct and the no nonsense Johnson from Disclosure battling out for the ultimate femme fatale title. Needless to say Michael Douglas has to be involved. Just the thought of seeing Stone and Moore on screen together will be worth every dollar of the ticket.

Enough, no more. Tis not so sweet now as it was before.

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