Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Village Story
I finally managed to see The Village, after canceling my plans twice and after being offered terrible show timings from the local theatre. This was definitely the weakest one from the house of Shyamalan. The movie was neither scary nor spooky. Moreover, the whole premise, though novel, seemed highly flimsy. There were some good moments, but not enough to salvage my opinion about the movie. Moreover, the shocker ending, which has become a trademark of Shyamalan, though surprising, didn't add much to the movie's appeal. Overall a 2.25/5 I would say. People watching the movie should also watch out for Shyamalan's Hitchcock-ish cameo (which I found innovative). Nah! Unless Harold and Kumar does something awesome, this will be a fairly disappointing movie weekend for me :(

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