Saturday, August 28, 2004

Its been a while since I put up a movie review. Staying in India pretty much rules out watching English movies because the movies release here mostly with a phase lag and I have seen most of the films they are showing (Kill Bill2, Shrek2 etc). However, I am not complaining. It's an all together different experience to watch a Hindi movie in an absolute masala environment. I saw Fida and Dhoom over the past four days and found Dhoom to be the better of the two. We were seated just behind (and next to) a rowdy entourage which added to the whole novelty of the experience. As I mentioned - I liked Dhoom. It had nothing new (except for stunts that are definitely the best I have seen in a Hindi movie in the recent past) but the old wine was packaged really well and the gloss and glitz added made the drink refreshing. The movie was really fast paced and was reminiscent of Fast and Furious and Ocean's Eleven (I was surprised to see the production values drop in a Yash Chopra production when in the Casino sequence). The best thing about the movie was the camaraderie between Uday Chopra and Abhishek. I also liked the good girl gone wild Rimii Sen. Overall, if you are looking for good entertainment, this movie will not disappoint you.

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