Sunday, August 15, 2004

Where's the spice?
First of all a happy Independence Day to any Indian reading this. Hola time!

Secondly, Pummy wanted me to put more spice in my blog because she wants things other than reviews, news or word games. Apparently sex scandals suited her taste fine but currently I am as away from such libidinous news as Ashish Nehra is to his maiden test century :( All my supply of spice comes from TOI front pages - the last few days having seen articles on Dusky Indian women, Asian women with famous scandals (courtesy the much publicized Faria Alam affair) and discussions on porn vs erotica. Man! I have expressed by utter disapproval of the way TOI is becoming a trash paper and these articles just go on to strengthen that belief.

Incidentally, I saw Alien Vs Predator last night but to honor Pummy's request shall refrain from putting up the review now.

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