Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The winner takes it all
The Olympics are here. I did not follow the last Olympic very diligently but boy I used to be a Olympic enthusiast when I was growing up. My father fed me with a generous dose of Sportstars and Sportsworlds, that taught me enough to love the event whole heartedly. I am trying to think of all the people I think of when I think Olympics and lots of the names evade me, appearing only as news flashes, nevertheless I shall try:

1. Carl Lewis - used to admire him. I remember him coming down to India (and doing dismally). Moi was the only guy in my friend group to support him over Ben Johnson. 9 gold medals - need I say more. Din't he once start singing also - if I remember correctly he was quite popular in Japan.

2. Nadia Comaneci - I actually didn't see here perform but heard and read so much about her that I associate the games with her in a big way. Moreover, DD had a TV series that chronicled her career. Perfect 10 et al.

3. Kristin Otto - now I did see this one. The 1988 games - this East German became the Mark Spitz of female swimming by winning 6 gold medals (4 individual). It's a pity we forget legends so soon.

4. Miloslav Mecir - this one is a difficult one as not too many people remember him. He used to be a bearded tennis player who won the men's singles gold in 1988, the same year when another favorite of mine, Steffi Graf won the only Golden Grand Slam (the 4 Grand Slams and the Olympic gold in the same year).

5. Sergei Bubka - I remember this pole vaulter created a World Record for breaking the maximum number of World Records (talk abt innovation). He used to organize events for himself just to outdo his previous records. I remember he wasn't much of a performer in the Olympics though. He won the gold but came nowhere close to the standards he had set for the event himself.

6. Jackie Joyner - brought back glamour and charisma to women's sprint events in a big way. Set the standards for the athletes to come. Great sports personality.

Time to eat!

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