Sunday, September 26, 2004

Assisting the Apprentice
Well, well! I am finally gonna blog on the Apprentice. Yes, yes! I know I am no authority on the show and have barely seen a few episodes of this cult reality series. However, what amused me most was Donald Trump's executive assistant Robin Himmler. I really wonder how she feels - her role in the series is limited to a 10 second appearance per episode where The Trump tells her "Robin, send them in" and she responds by sending the people into the board room. Do you think her friends sit around the TV to watch her - who knows? Did anybody following the series try finding out abt her? Hmmmmm! I just felt that in between all the high flying managers and executives somebody ought to mention this series regular as well. Well if you are interested in knowing just a little bit more abt her you can visit this site that I found on her.

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