Sunday, September 12, 2004

... crappy food for thought
I was about to write a fairly boring and preachy entry on why "Intelligence is highly over rated". The bottom line of what was otherwise turning out to be a very boring read is that there is no direct correlation between intelligence and successs, largely because I feel the conventional methodology for quantifying intelligence is highly flawed - blah blah! While on the issue of boring entries, I am feeling completely cut off from several of my news sources and there should be a change in the type of entries (the movie reviews shall return) once I reach SD.

I have started getting the blues before leaving for SD. The thing I will be missing most is Mummum's repertoire of delicacies. However, I hear that Sudipto, a temporary entrant to our San Diego household, is quite a chef. The taste of the pudding lies in eating it and I shall write more on Sudipto's talent after I taste the pudding.

Caught a glimpse of Sholay again on TV and loved it once again. I doubt if they ever created another movie that led to so many cult icons - Jai, Veeru, Gabbar, Basanti, jailor, Surma Bhopali and even Dhanno the horse.

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