Saturday, September 04, 2004

... return of the review
This week's review spot is taken by Rakht - the first film from industrialist Vijay Malaya and the second film from actor/industrialist Suniel Shetty. The film is a thriller/whoodunit and is fairly watchable. The only loose aspect of this film, which has a stellar star cast and fairly popular musical score, is its script, which could have been made a lot tauter. Especially the surprise value of a good whoodunit was highly missed. Nevertheless, the movie is definitely better than most of the recent Hindi movies that I have seen (except Dhoom) and is definitely good enuff for a one time watch. Technically the movie is really good and the production values were great. I specially liked this one thing they did with the camera - to show the deranged state of Suniel Shetty's character they kept the character still but moved the camera instead in the frames in which he appears. This produced a very different and slightly disturbing effect which looked really cool. It reminded me of this great thing they did for Goodfellas where in a restaurant scene they kept changing the zooming of the camera lens while moving the camera physically as well. The two effects balanced each other keeping the relative aspect of the characters with respect to the frame constant. This gave the audience the impression that the camera is moving and the frame (visual) didn't reveal that. You’ve got to see the scene to admire the effect. Sadly, off late very few movies use the visual strength that the film medium can offer – I’ve heard that Jet Li's Hero does a very good job of it but I am yet to watch the movie.

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