Sunday, September 05, 2004

... More Old Ties and thank you Mr. Agaram
Before I talk about my rejuvenated old ties with Jojo, I need to thank Kartik Agaram for helping me find the name of the movie starring Mithun, Rati Agnihotri, Danny and Tanuja that I had mentioned in my blog a few days back. Kartik informed me that the movie is called Boxer, using which I tracked down the name of the song that had challenged my meager knowledge of Hindi. It’s called "Shaadmaani", which I believe was one of the first hits of Kavitha Krishnamurthy. Sadly, the online music streaming sites I visit (Music India, Raaga and Smash Hits) don't have this song and I don't think they ever released a music CD of the movie. Hmmm! Have to find a way to get hold of a digital version of this track. The way they are running out of old tracks to remix these days (I gain a fair amount of amusement from the latest trend of simultaneous releases of the same song by different music companies) I can hope that this one will find its way to some sound engineer's desk(top). Yanyways! The bottom-line is that mentioning the problem on the blog helped and I am going to thank my mom, dad, neighbors, relatives and Kartik for it.

Coming back to the topic of Jojo, I met up with the chap yesterday. Jojo is my oldest friend (na na its our friendship that's old; the guy is just abt my age). I have been told that our grandfathers used to take us out for morning walks even before we remember meeting). Moi has known Jojo for almost 24 years now and the guy is awesome company. The two of us spent the entire day scavenging around for movie theatres without the House Full sign and ended up punctuating our search with a lunch, dinner and quintessential meaningless conversations that is the staple ingredient of all our meetings. Jojo boy!

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