Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Blogs I read
Well, blogs are fast becoming almost a separate news/views medium. So here are some blogs that I read regularly:

1. Ronny Dam's blog: coz the guy has an amazingly twisted sense of humor and, if rumors are to be believed, is a trained journalist. So I expect some good value for money :) However, for purely personal reasons, I am irked by the fact that he hasn't made his stats counter public.

2. The search for Buchu: This one comes from another fellow Kolkattan, Antara. This blog has a very diary-ish feel and what I like abt it is that it reminds me of (a) Harry Potter and (b) Sukumar Ray coz it has all these recurring references of ppl and places which you haven't seen but soon know enough to follow the entries. Oh! and I have to mention that this is the blog that brought back memories of Parnab!

3. The Unknown: This is the only blog that I read where I have no clue who the blogger is. Ironically, the name of the blog is "absolutely anonymous". Somehow this blog reminds me of my own blog and well - blah blah blah - I just like reading it.

4. Finally, there are some blogs which are written by friends but they aren't regular bloggers - so I read them once every 2-3 days. These include Modi's blog (who is now officially smitten by the Apprentice) and Vikram's blog (this guy is a published author - so I think of his blog as free literature :) ). Moi is also looking fwd to reading Chitra's newly started blog, coz the woman has an endearing crankyness that I just love. So Chits, make sure you blog more.

Enuff blogged - that too on blogs - reminds me of the Bard's line which I shall hereby distort - "enuff, no more - tis not so sweet now as it was before"

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