Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Borrowed Inspiration
For this entry I will borrow (or simply cite) from two other recent blog entries that I found thoroughly entertaining. The first one comes from Mr. Ronny Dam's blog where he talks about Indians in Mountain View. I have been raving about this entry to all and sundry. I strongly share Ranajit's sentiment about Indians in California forming their own little myopic communities where they pretend to shun the existence of a larger social stratum. This is an issue where words fail me to paint the picture that actually exists. We have to realize at some point that there is more to the World than people who share our particular language and that a social gathering need not be confined to the once-a-week-trip to the favorite Indian restaurant. I feel Dam’s entry has done an excellent job of giving vent to my frustration – kudos and thanks!

The second entry that made me very nostalgic is from Antara’s blog where she discusses good ol’ Parnab Mukherjee. Now Antara mentions and I shall re-iterate that the humor and meaning of this dish can only be enjoyed if you have tasted Parnab in person. For those who haven’t (and you have all the reasons to feel good about that), I shall try to paint an accurate picture using two examples – (i) I once attended a debate where Parnab was the moderator and he spoke more than all the speakers combined (ii) he has a trademark “anything under the Sun round” in his quizzes where he lets you choose a topic and quizzes you on that. On one such occasion someone chose Salman Khan as his area of expertise to which Parnab said (and I am not making this up) – “Salman Khan acted in Maine Pyar Kiya which was such a big hit that some guy wrote a book based on the movie and that book had some character which inspired the name of a character in the other Salman Khan movie Hum Apke Hain Kaun. Name the character.” For those who still care for the answer, we were later told that it was “Tuffy the dog”. It doesn’t matter. The point I am trying to make is that most of Parnab’s “choose your topic” questions would finally boil down to things one could (or would) never verify and in all probability had little or nothing to do with the chosen subject to start with. These two incidents apart I can recount at least ten other incidents where Parnab provided me with more entertainment (I think the word should be amusement) than many of the Friday night movies I rant about. Sadly, I think I have spent more print space than what Parnab deserves (boy, I sound bitter about him) and shall refrain from any further indulgence on this topic.

i guess you all will be interested in a video recording of parnab's quiz
check mistakewagon [dot] com
it has parnab trademark “anything under the Sun round” ;)
Do you know what happened during the premiere of 1960 Dracula ?

See what parnab has to say

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