Thursday, September 09, 2004

Cheap Excuses
Modi and I had a 30 second chat in which he informed me that my blog is getting duller by the day. Even my decision to drink hasn't amused my ex-wingie :( So I promised him some spice and ironically a topic sprung up courtesy him. Modi often breaks chats abruptly and uses the same old excuse of "hey, have some work". So I promised Modi some beter ways of ending conversations. So here are some excuses that I have successfully used in the past with decent success. In my defense a lot of times these excuses actually happened. So if people like Ronny Dam read this and feel that I have used any of these things on him its probably because I was being honest then.

1. Hey, one sec - got a phone call!
2. Shit shit! I just burned the chicken. Get back to you in a moment.
3. Hmmm! Just woke up. Naaaa! I need to sleep a little more.
4. Are you sending me messages coz I am typing but I am not getting any of your messages. Hello ... hello ... hello. You there? Hey at least buzz me. Hello!
5. My favorite one because this actually happens a lot of times. In my house people often use my laptop and get my messages so every now and then I just say - this is not Sagnik, it's his room mate. Do you want me to pass on any message?

Once again if any of the readers feel that I have used any of these excuses on them , dip your anger in question marks coz more often than not these things have actually happen and that's what makes these excuses realistic :) So Modi, do a better job next time.

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