Monday, September 27, 2004

I am completely against the BCCI's new idea of categorizing cricketers in different groups and offering them different pay packages based on the classification. I always thought that sports was the one field where we were at least outwardly claiming that people just play for our country and not themselves. Obviously this policy doesn't support that notion. Can you imagine if A and B are running and A stands a chance of getting run out? Earlier B could have sacrificed his wicket for the team. Now B will have to quickly calculate in which group he is, in which group A is, whether he can oust A and get into a better group, whether he will make some extra dough in the process etc etc etc. I understand that the whole sponsorship process pretty much does the same thing but this comes from the very institution that is creating the team. The whole thing reminds me of a school I once visited where students were made to wear different uniforms based on their merit (?). To add to the woes I can't seem to figure out why Irfan Pathan was not included in the A league - this guy has been one of the best finds for the country and I doubt if this "scheme" will boost his morale. As Yoda would have said - "Stumped am I".

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