Sunday, September 19, 2004

Na! Three days and the jet lag is still getting the better of me. I guess I have to wait and ... wait :(

Watched this India-American movie called Flavors. The movie received a fairly good critical consensus and though in the past I have been largely disappointed by Indo-American ventures (ABCD, American Desi etc.) I thought of giving this movie a try (that sounds borderline vain coz I am no one to give this movie a "try"). Yanyways! The movie was watchable. I liked the fact that they did not fall prey to the standard cliches of generation gap though the subject is touched upon aplenty. Instead, the movie uses almost all the stock characters we know of about Indians in the US (the laid off SW engineer, the Desi guy dating white girl, the culture shocked parents, the foul mouthed lungi clad desi, the doting South Indian damsel etc.). This collage of characters keeps the movie moving at a brisk pace, preventing it from touching monotony. Sadly, this also leads to the biggest drawback of the movie - lack of a single cohesive storyline. The movie soon looses its charm thanks to it’s over indulgence in the episodic narrative. However, I have to agree that the movie does have some really witty moments and sans the few moments of getting carried away the movie is quite watchable.

The star cast was fairly impressive and I checked out the official web site of the movie. My personal favorite was this girl called Sireesha, who in spite of her background in this country, appears extremely convincing as the reticent South Indian house wife.

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