Saturday, September 25, 2004

Friday Night boredom and a crude joke
Had absolutely nothing to do last night. Was supposed to go for my quintessential Friday movie but the two prospective candidates, Forgotten and Hero, were both playing at hours that I wouldn't have been able to handle. The other movie that I wanted to catch, the Last Shot, has had a limited release so limited that it hasn't come to San Diego.

So in order to combat boredom I decided to sit through an hour of Friday Night Stand Up on Comedy Central. It was quite amusing and I have to crack my fav joke:

"The 69 position in sex is like going for dinner with your lover and deciding to go Dutch."

And that joke alone will ensure that no dignified individual ever reads this blog again :( On the topic of dignified - I was standing in my balcony, overlooking the spa, and this Indian couple were making loud conversation in there. What was amusing to me was their attire - the guy wore a T shirt into the spa and the lady (?) wore a T shirt and pair of shorts - the couple had more clothes on them than the last 10 entrants of the spa. Hmmm!

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