Wednesday, September 15, 2004

From home away from home
Moi back in San Diego. The house looks a lot cleaner and I'd love to believe that my absence wasn't the reason for this transformation. We shall wait, watch and get dirty.

I have concluded that I am indeed a magnet when it comes to attracting boring Asian company - not once not twice but time and again I get seated in flights next to the most somber looking Asians - why? Why, Anamika why? I have seen a zillion movies where Meg Ryan-ish women give company to absolute strangers; then why do I get people who refuse to speak? The conundrum baffles me once again!

It must be noted that my luggage has got misplaced for the second time now. My mother bought me the brightest possible red suitcase in all of CIT Road just to ensure that it can be easily identified (and my father has added my name in bold on top to aid the process further) but its effects are quite contrary in nature. My ego does get supplemented when my name is announced in a select gathering but not when the issue in question is my missing luggage. Yanyway! They have assured me that they will deliver it to my house tomorrow; unlike the last time when I had to make incessant phone calls and then finally go and pick it up myself.

More shall follow later.

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