Sunday, September 12, 2004

Games people play
I suck when it comes to computer games. I just don't have the tenacity to indulge in a virtual world. I have seen people like Dhaji and Sid get completely soaked in a make believe world - Sid even talks about gaming characters as if they are his real life friends. Another reason why I have stayed away from these games is the proverbial case of "sour grapes" - moi just don't do well enuff in these games. The only game I play (the modern community would take strong objections at my usage of the term game) is Minesweeper. I am pretty good at it but I don't think anybody can beat Gij when it comes to this. I recall that she seriously wanted to be a Minesweeper coach at one point! Yanyways! I spent the morning bettering my personal scores in the game, though the use of a laptop mouse strongly hinders my performance.

Special note to the Geek-minded: Minesweeper the game is NP-complete (for the ones who are raising an eyebrow at this term, let's say that's a CSE major's way of saying -"it's a very difficult problem). You can check out the details of this here.

While on the issue of games - I was watching Game TV with Sid and they had some countdown on the best games of all time and Pacman and Prince of Persia still features among the top rankers. I also remember hearing it in some quiz that the first computer arcade based game was called Pong (the first computer based game I believe was some version of tic-tac-toe), though I have no idea on how the game is/was.

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