Monday, September 06, 2004

Harry Up
The award for the most ludicrous TV serial on Indian television goes to this piece of absolute crap called Jadu High Shakalaka Boom Boom. The name alone is enough to make me dislike the serial but no, in retrospect the name was among the better things this serial had to offer. Please, pretty please, some extreme form of pleading please - if you are in India and if you have 30 mins to waste watch this serial - it is so disappointing that it will not disappoint you.

The serial is a desi rehash of the Harry Potter series. I just watched it for 20 mins and they made absolute mockery of the wizard classic in that time. Bad acting, preposterous sets and dismal visual effects - name some aspect of a serial that might disappoint you and then switch on to this serial to fulfill those desires. In today's episode they showcased a dual between two wizards where one of them kept using his beard to shun the other's attacks - need I say anything more?

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