Saturday, September 25, 2004

A Heroic Effort
Since I missed my Friday night movie, I had to make it up today. After juggling between Hero and Forgotten I finally went for Hero. Let me summarize it this way - Hero is not one of the best movies in recent times but it is surely one of the most beautiful movies in recent times. The movie is a visual delight - be it the choice of landscapes, the color combination (it is nothing short of a marvel) or the CGI - the movie looks like it has been painted and not shot. The story reminded me of Travolta's Basic (which itself is inspired by Kurosawa's Rashomon) where the same segment of the story is witnessed several times from different perspectives. However, in the case of Hero, it wasn't just different perspectives but different visual feels as well. If you have to see a present day movie that showcases what the visual medium can achieve I'd say - don't miss this film. Heroic, truly heroic. No wonder Tarantino gave the movie his name.

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