Monday, September 20, 2004

I love Parnab !@!%
Well Mr. Dam has done it! My wrath has been challenged and revenge shall be mine. Noticing my bitterness towards the highly discussed Parnab Mukherjee, he figured out that if he enters "sagnik love parnab mukherjee" in Google (without the quotes) then the only result will be this particular page. He even visited my blog using this search phrase - therefore making an entry of the search key in my Nedstat counter. To get back at Dam, I scanned through his blog to unearth scandalous phrases that ca be created from the material on his page and the best I could do was "cornflakes and toothpaste doesn't help in ek se badhkar ek sex competition". However, sadly Mr. Dam's page has not yet been updated in the Google servers - so even though all the words in the above key are there in his blog Google doesn't recognize it - but don't you worry Mr. Dam - revenge shall be mine. The search is on!

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