Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Inebriated … :)
Woof! I just took my first glass of alcohol. Now this might not be news to most people but people who know me well (which most of the readers of this blog probably do) will realize how big a news item this is. I have been a strong teetotaler, so much so that I refrained from eating chocolates with liquor in it. However, I stuck to my resolution that I will share my first drink with my mom. The two of us just finished a little bit of Bacardi and now the entire family is wondering how I will react to my first drink – whether I will go frolicking around or whether I shall just keep mummm! My mom has already started giving me the quintessential lecture. More on this shall follow later (I am a drunk man, so I can’t write much :) ). Yanyway! I shall now end with a drunk joke. What do you call a sweet looking drunkard? …. Acute alcoholic! Haaa! Haaa! If you like it – hola! Else – what more do you expect from a drunkard :).

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