Thursday, September 09, 2004

Issue with issues
Just got into a discussion with Bubin on population control. The Indian media has found its latest eye candy. The Census report and the ICC awards are occupying every news channel's platter. One such debate on NDTV on the consequences of the Census report sparked the conversation between me and Bubin. Like most of our discussions, Bubin and I share different views on this issue. According to Bubin in a country not funded by the state (basically absence of social security benefits) the government has no right to dictate how many children one should have i.e. if a man is raising all his children he can have as many children as he wants. On the other hand I strongly support population control and feel that if anyone has the desires to raise more children they should adopt orphans. My take on Bubin's argument being that irrespective of whether you raise your children properly or not the fact remains that the growing population affects the social infrastructure and the possibilities of opportunities. Moreover, a large stratum of the Indian society produce kids without planning or wondering whether they can afford them. Anyway, bottom-line being - like most of Bubin and my arguments we have learned to agree to disagree.

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